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🌟 Personalized Soap Favors🌟

Elevate Every Celebration!

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 💖 Heartfelt Sentiments, Personalized in Soap 

Indulge your senses and delight your guests with Sonny & Dew's exquisite collection of personalized soap favors! Transform any occasion into an unforgettable experience with our charming and luxurious creations.

🎀 Tailored Elegance 🎀

From enchanting baby showers to dreamy weddings and everything in between, our custom soap favors add a touch of sophistication to any event. Each soap is meticulously crafted with love and care, ensuring that your guests receive a one-of-a-kind keepsake they'll cherish forever.

party favors.png
Party Favors.png

🌈 Endless Possibilities 🌈

The only limit is your imagination! Whether you're celebrating a new beginning, a milestone achievement, or simply gathering loved ones together, our personalized soap favors add an extra layer of magic to every moment.


☎️Contact Us and Make Memories: Ready to enchant your guests and elevate your event to new heights? Explore our collection today and discover the perfect soap favors for your special occasion. Because at Sonny & Dew, every celebration deserves to be extraordinary!

🎁 Unforgettable Moments, Wrapped in Luxury

Elevate your celebration with a touch of elegance! Our exquisitely packaged soap favors make the perfect gift for your guests, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and gratitude. Whether adorning place settings or nestled in gift baskets, these little treasures are sure to dazzle.

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1227 Montauk Hwy 

Oakdale NY 11769




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