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Immerse yourself in the alluring and captivating fragrance of Shipwreck Moisturizing Natural Body Lotion, a luxurious treat for your skin. Crafted with a vegan, ethically-sourced, and chemical-free recipe, this lotion is designed to pamper your skin with the care it truly deserves.

The woody and earthy fragrance profile is highlighted by a harmonious blend of warm spice, cedar, and lemon leaf, with subtle hints of smoky incense. As you apply this lotion, tranquility meets hydration, leaving you with velvety-soft and supple skin.

Revel in the nourishing experience for your skin as you indulge in the long-lasting moisture without any greasiness. The magic of Shea butter unfolds, working to restore suppleness and elasticity from head to toe. Let the hydrating benefits of Shipwreck Moisturizing Natural Body Lotion cocoon you in a soothing

ambiance, providing not just hydration but a sensory journey. Allow the unique fragrance to

envelop you in tranquility, transforming your skincare routine into a delightful and serene experience. From the invigorating scent to the nourishing properties, Shipwreck Moisturizing Natural Body Lotion is your go-to solution for dry skin, ensuring you feel rejuvenated and pampered with each application.

Shipwreck Moisturizing Natural Body Lotion for dry skin

  • Pure Shea Butter|Grapeseed Oil |Jojoba Oil |Aloe Juice|Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin E|Silk Amino Acids| Blended Essential Oils|

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