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Step into the sophisticated ambiance of Sherlock's Study with our exquisite fragrance blend. This luxurious blend features notes of leather, suede, and rosewood, expertly combined with a touch of the scents reminiscent of aged library books. Crafted to create a soothing and calming atmosphere, Sonny & Dew Fragrance Oils help relax, refresh, and energize any home.

Designed for use with diffusers and plug-in lamps, our Home Fragrance Oil offers a luxurious and transformative experience. Immerse your living space in the captivating blend of Sherlock's Study, creating an atmosphere that evokes the richness of a well-appointed study.

Transform every moment at home into a refined and calming experience with the Sherlock's Study Home Fragrance Oil. Let the sophisticated notes of leather, suede, rosewood, and aged library books turn your living space into a haven of relaxation and intellectual allure.

Sherlock’s Study Home Fragrance Oil

  • Sweet Almond Oil & Blended Essential Oils

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