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Experience the rugged yet soothing scent of the sea with our Driftwood Natural Body Lotion.

This powerhouse formula harnesses mahogany, cedar and geranium essential oils for an intoxicating, woodsy aroma reminiscent of an oceanfront forest.

Subtle hints of lavender add a touch of relaxation to round out the earthy fragrance profile.

Luxurious plant-based oils like avocado, jojoba and evening primrose soak into skin to provide deep, long-lasting moisture without greasiness. Shea butter restores suppleness and elasticity.

Hydrate from head to toe while surrounding yourself with the refreshing, outdoorsy aroma of weathered driftwood. Our formula is vegan, ethically-sourced and free of harsh chemicals.

Take your senses on a soothing forest getaway to the sea with our Driftwood Natural Body Lotion. The perfect way to nourish skin naturally while enjoying calming fragrances.

Driftwood Moisturizing Natural Body Lotion for dry skin

  • Pure Shea Butter|Grapeseed Oil |Jojoba Oil |Aloe Juice|Hyaluronic Acid Vitamin E|Silk Amino Acids| Blended Essential Oils|

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