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Immerse yourself in the spicy allure of our Down By The Beach Home Fragrance Oil—a luxurious home oil crafted for diffusers and plug-in lamps. This captivating fragrance offers an earthy and woodsy experience, beginning with top notes of bay leaf and fir needle. As it unfolds, it leads into a heart of bright bergamot and cedarwood, culminating in a sweet tobacco base.

Transport yourself to the tranquility of the beach, where the air is infused with the aromatic blend of bay leaf and fir needle. The fragrance then evolves into the refreshing brightness of bergamot and the grounding essence of cedarwood, finishing with a touch of sweet tobacco. This complex blend creates a sensory journey that is both invigorating and warm.

Whether you're unwinding after a long day or aiming to transform your space into a haven of spicy sophistication, Down By The Beach Home Fragrance Oil is designed to infuse your living environment with a distinctive and alluring aroma. Immerse yourself in this luxurious home oil, where every moment at home becomes a sensory escape to a spicy and woodsy paradise.

Down By The Beach Home Fragrance Oil

  • Sweet Almond Oil & Blended Essential Oils

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