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Embark on a sensory journey with our Beach Mist Scented Reed Diffuser—a captivating blend that mirrors the exhilarating scent of fresh, ozonic ocean tide gracefully rolling up a rugged shoreline. This isn't just a fragrance; it's a tantalizing experience designed to ignite your senses.

Immerse yourself in the uniqueness of this delicious blend, promising to linger for up to 90 days, and even more if you decide to intensify the experience by adding extra reeds! But here's the spice: it's not just a diffuser; it's an entire coastal escape encapsulated in a bottle.

Complete with sand, reeds, and shells, our Beach Mist Scented Reed Diffuser transforms your space into a haven of relaxation and visual delight. Picture the rugged shoreline, feel the mist on your face, and breathe in the invigorating aroma that captures the essence of the ocean. You can't get much better than this complete sensory package.

So, live a little, close your eyes, and let the Beach Mist Scented Reed Diffuser whisk you away to island vibes and the untamed beauty of the sea. Elevate your space with this unique and delicious blend that brings the spirit of the coast right into your home. Because, in the world of captivating fragrances, this one stands out as a spicy and invigorating adventure.

Beach Mist Scented Reed Diffuser

    •  Add 6-8 reeds for a subtle aroma or if using in a small room. Add 10-12 reed for increased diffusion or if using in a large space.
    • Flammable liquid. Do not light reeds. Do not ingest.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    • Place on a flat, stable surface. Oil may cause damage if spilled.
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