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Introducing our Amish Quilt Scented Reed Diffuser—a year-round staple fragrance that offers a perfect balance of complexity and warmth. This unique blend is a symphony of spices without the typical bakery notes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking something spicy, sweet, and delightfully intricate.

Vanilla gracefully intertwines with a spice cabinet of cinnamon, clove, and allspice, gently kissed with sugar. As you delve deeper, hints of nutmeg and fruits emerge from the heart notes, creating a fragrance that goes beyond the ordinary. If you're not a fan of traditional bakery scents, Amish Quilt breaks away from the norm—this is no typical "bakery" realm, and it's worth a try for its unparalleled uniqueness.

Our Scented Reed Diffuser boasts a formula that ensures the fragrance lasts up to 90 days, or even longer if you choose to enhance the experience with additional reeds! And to elevate the sensory journey further, it comes complete with sand, reeds, and shells—an all-encompassing package that brings a touch of beauty to any space, regardless of the season.

So, despite the season not being summer, behold the beauty of Amish Quilt. Live a little, and let this unique, delicious blend redefine the ambiance of your space. In the realm of captivating fragrances, this one stands out as an irresistible invitation to experience the warmth and complexity that transcends seasonal boundaries.

Amish Quilt Scented Reed Diffuser

    •  Add 6-8 reeds for a subtle aroma or if using in a small room. Add 10-12 reed for increased diffusion or if using in a large space.
    • Flammable liquid. Do not light reeds. Do not ingest.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    • Place on a flat, stable surface. Oil may cause damage if spilled.
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