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Long Island's Sonny Side for Skin!

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2015 collection Soap Fundrasing Shea and Aloe Long Islands Best Sugar Scrub

Shea & Aloe

Sugar Scrubs


Spa/bath: candle, foot scrub and face exfoliator $33/mt

Club Box: sugar scrub, aloe butter and lip balm $24.50/mt

Seasonal Box $38.24 4x a year instead of monthly

Not sure which box you want? Opt  for a surprise box filled with the latest of Sonny & Dew’s scents and products!

Club Members will receive exclusive discounts all year round via email as well as the option to send boxes to friends!

Special Offers

For Dewy skin and an All Natural Glow

The foods and herbs that nourish us internally can have equal benefits on our skin and hair! The All Natural ingredients in Sonny & Dew's body care products are in their whole form full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Sonny and Dew's handmade products are based in Almond oil to soften and smooth skin, Coconut oil to prevent water loss and diminish age effects and Aloe Vera for it's soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities.