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This is one of my favorite pieces, and it's easy to see why. Featuring three green turtles swimming out to the ocean, this exquisite sea glass art captures the enchanting beauty of marine life. Encased in a distressed 8x10 frame in shades of brown, this unique artwork is perfect for adding a coastal feel to any room, whether it's your bathroom, bedroom, or living space.

The detailed craftsmanship of the green sea glass turtles creates a serene and captivating scene that brings the magic of the ocean into your home. The distressed brown frame adds a rustic touch, making this piece a versatile addition to various decor styles.


  • Design: Three green turtles swimming out to the ocean, crafted from green sea glass.
  • Frame: Distressed 8x10 frame in shades of brown.
  • Materials: Green sea glass, distressed brown frame.
  • Theme: Coastal, sea life, ocean.
  • Perfect for:

  • Coastal and nautical decor enthusiasts
  • Turtle lovers
  • Beach and ocean lovers
  • Bathroom, bedroom, or any room needing a coastal feel
  • Bring the tranquil beauty of the ocean into your home with this charming turtle sea glass art. It's an ideal gift for anyone who loves the sea and its mesmerizing wonders. Order yours today and let the coastal elegance transform your space!

Three Green Turtles Swimming Out to the Ocean - Coastal Sea Life Glass Art

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