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Introducing our Sweater Weather Scented Reed Diffuser, a truly extraordinary blend that invites you to immerse your space in comforting warmth for up to 90 days—extending beyond with the addition of more reeds! But it's not just about longevity; it's a complete sensory journey, thoughtfully presented with sand, reeds, and shells for an unmatched olfactory and visual experience.

Take a moment to appreciate the allure of this fragrance, capturing the very essence of a picturesque autumn or winter day. Envision the coziness of a favorite sweater, a steaming cup of warmth, and the invigorating notes of mint seamlessly intertwining with subtle hints of green apples and peaches, all resting on a soothing foundation of musk and moss.

Embrace the enchantment of the season as Sweater Weather Scented Reed Diffuser transforms your space into a sanctuary of freshness and coziness. It's more than just a fragrance for autumn or winter; it's a celebration of those precious moments when you crave the embrace of comfort and the beauty of every season.

So, seize the opportunity to live a little, revel in the beauty of the colder months, and let our Sweater Weather Scented Reed Diffuser redefine the ambiance of your space. In the realm of captivating fragrances, this one stands out, extending an irresistible invitation to savor the charm and comfort of autumn and winter.

Sweater Weather Scented Reed Diffuser

    •  Add 6-8 reeds for a subtle aroma or if using in a small room. Add 10-12 reed for increased diffusion or if using in a large space.
    • Flammable liquid. Do not light reeds. Do not ingest.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
    • Place on a flat, stable surface. Oil may cause damage if spilled.
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